Holta & Håland

Since 1966

For decades, Holta & Håland have developed their knowledge and experience in starting, running, and upscaling companies in many different sectors. The group originated from selling and maintaining equipment to the quickly developing north sea oil industry. Now, they are in the middle of pivoting towards sustainable and green business. In the past few years, we have established and grown companies which facilitate the charging of electric vehicles. The group is always on the lookout for new, sustainable opportunities with great potential, preferably related to our existing areas of expertise.

We use the knowledge and competence we have gained, as well as exploit our experience to establish and upscale new companies.

Evolution and Risk Management

Holta & Håland Industries has a large portfolio of companies in many different sectors, in which we offer different products along with full installation and maintenance across Norway. A diversified portfolio of companies balances risk and increases the stability of the group. In the past few years, the group has developed new business concepts together with external investors. In this way, we have increased our available capital and benefitted from fellow investors’ complementary knowledge and experience. In the past 20 years we have established, bought, and sold companies. We have also sold companies to large corporations who allow them to thrive further. This has, among others, been done with Aker-corporation and Bravida, Scandinavia’s largest construction equipment distributor.

Companies in the group