About Holta & Håland

Holta & Håland Group

The Holta & Håland Industries Group is an active owner and investor with our headquarters on Randaberg since 1966, and with a presence all over Norway, and global sales. We are founders or investors in all kinds of new business ideas, and contribute with experience, knowledge, and capital. Here is an overview of all the companies in the Group.

Our Portfolio

Our portfolio of companies today are all within sales, installation and maintenance of products and services within measurement, analysis, detection, fire extinguishing, fuel pumping, car wash, and EV charging. 15 years ago, the majority of our turnover came from supplying the oil industry. In the time since then, there has been a growing focus on sustainability and doing our part to make the green transition smoother. This has hit some of our areas of business, but also given us new and exciting opportunities, based on our established businesses.

Over half of today’s earnings from all the companies in the group come from sustainable business. Society’s needs and demands change constantly, and going forward, we will put more of our weight behind the transition to green energy. The business plan for the next five years is to increase the amount of sustainable business in the group.

Green Transition

Norway has for many years been ahead of the rest of the world in terms of electrifying the car industry. Now the amount of electric buses are growing also, and the next segments are construction machines, semi-trailers, and other heavy vehicles. Holta & Håland established in 2018 and 2019 both Supercharge and EV Powercharge. Supercharge delivers fast-charging solutions to industries like transport and logistics, as well as the construction industry. EV Powercharge operates and sells electricity from charging stations throughout the country to mainly electric cars. Through our company Pro Analysis in Bergen, we deliver measurement equipment for wind farm projects outside New York (USA). The project is supplied by Norwegian industry and our responsibility is to deliver equipment for the measurement of particulate amounts and chlorine contents in a cleaning facility for the whole wind farm.

Our focus on sustainability increased in accordance with society’s needs.

We have focused on developing products which reduce emissions and protect the environment.

Our business and our priorities

The Holta & Håland Group will work within sustainable industries. We will have a focus on security, improvement, and healthy economics. Our companies will work for a good working environment, have clear guidelines for ethical business practices. The companies’ leader and leaders will have a good balance in the weighing of customers, employees, and shareholders’ preferences. The Holta & Håland Group will be an active owner with knowledge, experience, and capital to establish and create growth in new areas of business. Our companies will be drivers in establishing new products, services and markets.