The companies in Holta & Håland

A group from the past, for the future

Our portfolio contains businesses founded as far back as 1946, and the latest one started up in 2018. In many ways we can say the circle is complete, the business in 1946 was about installation and maintenance of fuel pumps for combustion engine cars, while Supercharge from 2018 installs and performs maintenance of charging stations for electric cars. We fuel the cars of the past, and of the future.

Our philosophy consists more of opportunity and belief in an idea rather than the belief that all our companies should be complementary to each other. There are similarities and overlaps, like vehicles, refueling, measurement and analysis, detection and fire retardants.

Holta & Håland Bilvaskutstyr AS

Everything within car wash equipment

Holta & Håland Bilvaskutstyr AS is a total supplier of car wash equipment across Norway. Its customers are among others, service stations, unmanned car washes, and car dealerships. The company imports car washing machines, self washing plants and chemicals from Spain, Finland, Belgium and Sweden. The company has 35 employees and turnover of over 160 million NOK ($16M), and is among the sector’s largest and most profitable businesses. For the customers, it is important that distributors are local, that is why the company has offices and warehouses all over Norway at Lierstranda, Seljord, Randaberg, Bergen and in Trondheim. In addition, the company has sellers and service technicians in other places throughout the country.

Holta & Håland Safety AS

Detectors and control systems

Holta & Håland Safety distributes a range of critical safety equipment for the oil industry, among the products are smoke detectors, gas and fire detectors. The company is about to announce a new detection and warning system, mainly for use in commercial, residential or public buildings. Holta & Håland Industries owns 91% of this Norwegian company.

HH Fire Eater Norway AS

Extinguishment without water damage

HH Fire Eater Norway is owned by Holta & Håland Industries and Fire Eater in Denmark. The company distributes fire extinguishing solutions which use Inergen®, a gas developed by Fire Eater. In practice, Inergen reduces the oxygen level in a room from 21% to 15% which extinguishes fire in short time. The gas consists only of argon, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. These are natural gasses from Earth’s atmosphere and are safe for humans, machines and electronics. Holta & Håland Industries owns 50% of the Norwegian company.

Supercharge AS

Quality supplier of EV charging solutions

Supercharge AS is a national distributor of fast-chargers, “lightning” chargers and tailored charging solutions for a wide variety of sectors. The company delivers charging solutions for cars and buses, but also for excavators, forklifts, trailers and boats. The government’s requirements around green construction areas has given Supercharge the unique opportunity to create charging solutions like charging containers and battery banks, tailored towards the construction sector. The need for EV charging and charging solutions is significant and will give the company many opportunities for growth in the next few years. These innovative solutions give more sectors the opportunity to move towards electric vehicles. Both within the public and private sector there is a goal for zero emissions in the near future. Holta & Håland Industries owns 90,1% of the company.

Wennstrom Solutions & Service

Maintenance and servicing of E-mobility and fuel

Wennstrom Solutions & Service are distributors of storage and refilling/charging of both fuel and electricity. Their customers include petrol stations, bus companies, and fuel storage facilities. The company imports products from countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, Scotland, Finland, Sweden and China. The products are sold, installed and maintained by a nationwide sales and maintenance organization. Wennstrom Solutions & Service are Norway’s largest company within equipment for conventional fuel, and are part of Scandinavia’s largest concern in the sector, headquartered in Stockholm. Holta & Håland Industries owns 22.5% of the company indirectly.

Pro Analysis AS

Oil in Water

Pro Analysis was formerly owned by Statoil (Equinor today), and was taken over by Holta & Håland industries in 2012. The company develops equipment for measuring oil residue in produced water and delivers products to clients in all parts of the world. Its clients were firstly oil platforms exclusively, but the company is about to develop new measurement methods directed towards sea-based wind farms. Pro Analysis is the world’s second largest company within sales, installation and maintenance of products for measuring oil-in-water. Holta & Håland Industries owns 63% of the company indirectly.

Process Control AS

Process and system control the oil industry

Process Control are distributors of instruments for measuring the quality and amount of oil and gas. The company’s projects are mostly for Norwegian oil and engineering companies. With over 30 years of experience within the oil and gas sector, Process Control has built up solid procedures, in line with requirements from both clients and governments. Holta & håland Industries owns 70% of the company.

EV Powercharge AS

EV charging in Norway

Powercharge owns and operates charging stations for electric cars. The company is in its early stages and has established five charging stations in southern Norway as of 2022. The company plans on rolling out a large amount of new charging stations in the coming years, across the whole country. The charging stations have fast-chargers and so-called “lightning-chargers” for electric cars. The goal is to become one of the most preferred companies  to operate the government’s estimated need for 12 – 14,000 EV chargers around the country until 2025. Holta & Håland Industries owns 50% of the company.


Enabling businesses to thrive in Randaberg in Stavanger

Randabergporten is an office- and commercial building at the heart of Randaberg which caters to both public and private organizations. Many of their renters are within the health and well being industry and there are clear perks from that for the people who work in the building. The building consists of offices, warehouses and workshops with 7500m² of space available for renters. Many of the companies within Holta & Håland Industries have offices in the building as well. Visit Randabergporten’s website to see if we have any free space now.