From idea to success

Holta & Håland Industries consists of a series of companies in many markets. We actively participate in the development of these existing companies, but are also open to new opportunities. It should be within, or in a closely connected area as our present companies and it needs to be sustainable for the environment.

A balanced business plan is important to us in terms of risk, growth and yield.

Invest in the companies of the future

We are always interested in coming into contact with potential partners. Our experience is that with good partners, we achieve better results in a shorter time. Solid concepts will be rolled out and scaled up. It is an advantage that through investments from partners gives financial muscles that help with rolling out, and scaling up faster than if you try it alone. Some investors are involved in the start-up phase, while others only join in the upscaling phase. The company is then more developed and the risk is minimized. Holta & Håland has long experience with working as investors and partners in all stages of a business. This ensures that the process remains as professional as firstly agreed. In addition to the good processes there are also good investment cases with exceptional yields.

We are always open for a dialogue and to examine opportunities. Get in contact with Karleif to hear about which opportunities we are working with today.

Karleif Holta

Phone: +47 901 60 409

Establishments, mergers, purchases and sales from 2005

2005 SOLD O&G division to Aker Bjørge
2006 SOLD Holta & Håland bilverkstedteknikk, bilverkstedsutstyr
2007 ESTABLISHED Norsk Energiteknikk, fuel technical equipment
2007 ACQUIRED HS Elektro
2007 MERGED with Vagle Elektro to HS: Vagle Elektro
2009 ACQUIRED Process Control, fiscal measurement and analysis
2009 ESTABLISHED HS: Vagle Rør
2010 ESTABLISHED Holta & Håland Safety, detection and fire alarm
2011 ESTABLISHED extinguishing department with Inergen
2012 ACQUIRED Pro Analysis, oil-in-water measurement
2013 ACQUIRED Gas Optics, gas leak detection
2014 SOLD HS:Vagle Elektro and HS:Vagle Pipes to Bravida
2015 ESTABLISHED Holta & Håland Pumpeteknikk, pumps for water and sewage
2016 ESTABLISHED Superwash, self-service car wash facility
2017 SOLD Superwash
2018 ESTABLISHED Supercharge, fast charging systems
2018 ESTABLISHED EV Powercharge, fast charging stations
2019 MERGED Inergen department with HHFire Eater Norway
2019 MERGED Norsk Energiteknikk to Wennstrom Solutions & Service
2020 SOLD Holta & Håland Pumpeteknikk