Environment, economy, and workplace

Sustainability spans over 17 areas, where Holta & Håland Industries work to ensure we have good internal goals and the right policies  to achieve “Good health and quality of life”, “Clean energy for all”, “Work for all and economic growth”. Our goals and policies will have a positive impact on our employees, investors, the company, as well make sure we do not affect the climate in a negative way.

Sustainable development

In the past few years we have made a conscious choice to develop and grow companies with strong contributions towards sustainability. Some of our companies develop and offer products and services with a direct reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. This includes among others; EV charging equipment, oil-in-water measurement tools, climate friendly extinguishing gas, and swan-labeled chemicals for car-washes. Below are three examples of these companies.

Supercharge AS

Supercharge AS is a national distributor of fast-chargers, “lightning” chargers and tailored charging solutions for a wide variety of sectors. The company delivers charging solutions for cars and buses, but also for excavators, forklifts, trailers and boats. The government’s requirements around green construction areas has given Supercharge the unique opportunity to create charging solutions like charging containers and battery banks, tailored towards the construction sector. The need for EV charging and charging solutions is significant and will give the company many opportunities for growth in the next few years. These innovative solutions give more sectors the opportunity to move towards electric vehicles. Both within the public and private sector there is a goal for zero emissions in the near future. Holta & Håland Industries owns 90,1% of the company.

HH Fire Eater Norway AS

HH Fire Eater Norway is owned by Holta & Håland Industries and Fire Eater in Denmark. The company distributes fire extinguishing solutions which use Inergen®, a gas developed by Fire Eater. In practice, Inergen reduces the oxygen level in a room from 21% to 15% which extinguishes fire in short time. The gas consists only of argon, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. These are natural gasses from Earth’s atmosphere and are safe for humans, machines and electronics. Holta & Håland Industries owns 50% of the Norwegian company.

Pro Analysis AS

Pro Analysis was formerly owned by Statoil (Equinor today), and was taken over by Holta & Håland industries in 2012. The company develops equipment for measuring oil residue in produced water and delivers products to clients in all parts of the world. Its clients were firstly oil platforms exclusively, but the company is about to develop new measurement methods directed towards sea-based wind farms. Pro Analysis is the world’s second largest company within sales, installation and maintenance of products for measuring oil-in-water. Holta & Håland Industries owns 63% of the company indirectly.

The companies of the future

Holta & Håland Industries are always on the lookout for new business ideas with a positive contribution towards climate change, within or closely connected with our areas of expertise. In exchange for good, original ideas, we offer our knowledge, experience and capital, we also contribute in creating a clear business plan, achievable goals, and strategically sound choices, to foster growth and a good foothold in the given market.