Entrepreneurs and employees

Entrepreneurs and employees Holta & Håland is an entrepreneurial business founded by Leif Holta and Arne Håland. The two founders parted company in the early 2000s, and Leif Holta’s son Karleif currently plays a key role in the further development of the group. A third generation of the Holta family is also employed in the business. We are proud of our past and everyone who has contributed towards building the companies within the group. Throughout our history, employee turnover has remained very low

Our Stavanger, oil city

The whole thing started in a hen-house, where Leif Holta fixed cars. Together with Leo Holta and Arne Håland, they saw opportunities to repair other equipment as well. The oil industry was booming in Stavanger and Holta & Håland together with it. Our business became the sale, installation and maintenance of technical equipment for service stations, refinery plants, and oil storage facilities. At the beginning, we were contractors for large corporations such as Shell, Esso and other. After some time, Holta & Håland expanded towards analysis, fire and gas detection systems, pressure and temperature measurement, and measurement of oil and gas.

The last 15 years

In 2005 the group sold the companies “Holta & Håland Instrumentering” and “Holta & Håland Metering” to the Aker-corporation, Bjørge. The group’s remaining portfolio had a collective cash turnover of 50 million NOK ($5M). After many new acquisitions, buyouts and mergers within electronics, piping, fuel-technical, fiscal measurement, detection, fire prevention, and electric vehicle charging, the group has grown substantially. The portfolio now has a collective turnover of 630 million NOK ($63M) as of 2022, despite the sale of a large part of the portfolio in 2005.